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~TaMaRa'S sItE~
Pictures of Me and Friends

Here are some pictures of some friends and I.


This is a picture of Shannon, Ryan Malcolm and I. It was taken at Elements, downtown Kitchener.


This is a picture of me and Ena in the summer, we had just gotten back from Krispy Kreme.


Me and Candice at Market!


Me, Shannon, and Ena, all at Ena's house last summer...Shannon looking very pleased.

Me, Katie, Ena and Shannon all at Ena's on the day she got back from Egypt/Bosnia.---->


This is a picture of Shannon, Me and my boyfriend, Ryan at the mall.


Here is me and Ena at her house in the winter of gr. 8


Me and Shannon in her van, coming home from the mall...


Me and Vlatka at Grad...My chest is as red as her dress, lol!!!


Click Here For Other Photos

If any of my friends have their own web sites, I might include links to them here.